Pioneer Run® eBook

Pioneer Run: The World's Greatest Veteran Motor Cycle Run

Created by Danny DeFazio of Sump publishing This is a link to an external website this free electronic book tells the story of the world's greatest veteran motor cycle run.
It is set in chronological order and contains full page colour photographs and quotes from famous British poets.

The interactive ebook, features 64 pages of high quality photographs each with captions of the motorcycle name, its year and engine capacity.
Also includes details of the annual Pioneer Run® held by the Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club, from the start at Tattenham Corner, the breakdowns along the way and the finish at Madeira Drive, Brighton.


File Details

Size: 13.7 MB
File Type: Windows executable (.exe)
Publisher: Sump Publishing

After you have downloaded the ebook, you can simply click anywhere on the page of the book to see the page turn left or right. Right click on the book to set a background and to exit.

Inside the eBook

Three thumbnails of a sample of the pages inside the Pioneer Run eBook Classic bikes from Sump Magazine